Tax Information

The town operates on a Calendar year. (The school operates on a fiscal year)

Taxes are due the first of October.

The tax rate is usually set by the Selectboard in early July. 

Tax bills are usually sent out by early August.

The Tax Rate is determined by how much the voters decided to spend divided by the Grand List. (The list of  the values of all the properties in town)

The School Tax rate is set by the legislature and is provided to each town at the end of June.


You need to file a new Homestead Declaration every year beginning in 2013.

Form HS-122 Homestead Declaration   (Link to tax department form)

The Property tax adjustment form has been added to Form HS -122. Make sure these forms get filed by APRIL 15. Especially if you file an extension. Late filers will be charged a penalty.

Tax Bill information: The Supreme Court made a ruling that the property tax adjustment information on a tax bill is to be kept confidential and therefore is not a public record. In light of this decision the town is unable to provide anyone other than the taxpayer with the state payment information. This means we cannot send a copy of your tax bill to your accountant or provide it to a person doing a title search without your permission. Please make sure to provide your tax preparer with a copy of your tax bill. We regret that this may be an inconvenient. You are likely to find yourself signing permission slips to attorneys who want to access your information. We will continue to provide the taxpayer who comes to the office with a copy of their tax bill.