Taxpayer Information



Please remember to keep a copy of your tax bill for income tax purposes.

The following information is provided in hopes of answering some commonly asked questions.

Tax payments are due in the town offices by 5 pm on October 1stProperty taxes can be paid in person at the Town Office, placed in the Drop box or by mail. The Town Office accepts Cash, Check, Money Order and Credit Cards. Checks should be made payable to the Town of New Haven and dated for the current days date.  We do not hold checks for future dates. Payments may also be made through the website.

 Payments can be mailed to: Town of New Haven 78 North St. New Haven, Vt. 05472

Postmarks are not considered timely.  Please allow plenty of time for mail to be delivered.  There is a drop box outside the office for your convenience.  Please do not leave cash in the drop box.

Property tax payments are deposited in a very timely fashion.  If you are transferring funds to cover a check, please make sure you have allowed sufficient time for the transfer.   If you don’t want it to go through the bank hold it until you are ready.  (Please don’t expect that the office will catch or hold a postdated check)  Please include your parcel ID number or payment stub with your payment.

For numerous reasons many people delay paying their taxes as long as possible.  Unfortunately life happens and people forget, or have something unexpected occur which results in not getting their taxes paid by the deadline. We hate to have people become delinquent because they forgot.  Please plan accordingly.

Delinquent taxes are assessed an 8% penalty and 1% interest.

Taxes that are delinquent more than 2 years may go to tax sale.

Property Tax Assistance (for those who qualify)
If you have filed your homestead declaration and property tax adjustment (form HS-122) in a timely manner your State payment will appear on your tax bill.  If you qualify and did not get a payment you should contact the State.

To check on your homestead information you can contact the State at 1 800 828-2865.  For more information on homestead declaration you can visit

Filing form HS-122 more than once will void the initial filing. Filing this form more than once could lead to time consumption and headaches.  Check the above information to find out what the State thinks you have done.

Late filers will be charged a penalty.

The State will be sending your payment information to the towns on July 1, Sept. 15 and Oct. 15. New Haven taxes are due on Oct.1, if we do not receive your state payment until the 15th of October any unpaid tax amount will be considered delinquent and penalty and interest will be added to the amount due. 

Education tax rate information can be found at

If you have any questions on calculations of the state tax rates you can call  (802) 828-5860

Property Sales

If your property was sold after April first, the tax bill will still come to you.  In most cases the taxes have been divided during the closing and the new owner is usually responsible for paying the taxes.  (Generally speaking) however the owner of record is still technically responsible.  We make every effort to get a property tax bill to both parties in the transfer.  Please make sure that the designated responsible party after closing has the appropriate tax information.

Name of deceased person showing on a tax bill

If one of the parties on your tax bill is no longer with us, and you would like to have their name removed from your tax bill in the upcoming years, you must contact the Town Listers and have them check the wording on your deed to see if the name can be removed.  If the listers are unable to remove the name due to the legal wording of the deed you will need to contact a lawyer and have a quit claim deed issued in order to have the name removed.