Town History

The New Haven Historical Society usually meets on the second Wednesday of the month in the New Haven Town Offices at 7:00 pm.

Town History Books are available at the Town Offices for $30.00.

Please contact Bernie Noble for further information at 453 - 6935.

New Haven Vermont was Chartered on November 2, 1761. The current population is approximately 1800. New Haven is a small town located between Middlebury to the South, Vergennes to the North, and Bristol to the East.  

We are the host Town for Addison County Fair &  Field Days, one of the largest agricultural fairs in the State.

The following is a brief history provided by the historical society:

In the village area you will find the Beeman Elementary School, Town Office, Town Green, Congregational Church, several small businesses, and the Village Green Market, which has been in operation for 195 years.  Throughout the town there are two other stores with gas stations, several auto repair shops and service businesses, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, riding stables, carpenters, cabinet makers, excavators, hair dressers, daycare facilities, and more. Please see the business directory for more information about businesses in town.
The history of the town is really the history of the people. 
You can check the town history book, "A History of New Haven in Vermont 1761-1983," for more information.

New Haven has been a farming community for many years, but recent times have caused many farms to be divided up and sold. We are grateful for the ones that remain and continue to help provide the scenic vistas we all enjoy. 
The New Haven River runs through the town and is a wonderful place to catch trout. Many years ago the river was used to help the industries located along it. Both New Haven Mills and Brooksville were located along the river.
New Haven Mills, located at the junction of River Road, East Street, and Munger Street, used to be a thriving community with a store, factories, and a church.  Everything but the church was destroyed by fire.  The church continues to be open for one month in the summer and is sometimes used for weddings and community gatherings.
'"Brooksville" in the Town of New Haven is located on Dog Team Road. It used to house the Brooks Edge Tool Business which made axes; the broad axe was the most sought after tool they made. This business was in existence for fifty years. Now there is a sign to commemorate its previous existence. The decline of Brooksville and the New Haven Mills as industrial communities came in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  The village then became the town center and remains so today.
For more information on the History of New Haven please contact the Historical Society, which is very active and meets the second Wednesday of the month in the New Haven Town Offices.